You might be behind

We believe software is eating the world. If non-software companies don’t become software companies, they will fall behind and eventually die a slow death while software oriented companies in the same market grow and thrive. That might sound a little drastic, but we honestly believe all companies not only need to develop their own software, but they also need to build their business on top of the vast array of existing, amazing software that can make their business more efficient like Amazon Web Services and Google Apps.

If your inventory data is tracked with spreadsheets and emails, you might be behind. If you are paying some web design company hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to “host” your website, you might be behind. If your website looks terrible on a mobile phone, you might be behind. If your business is still spending millions of dollars hosting it’s own servers because you are scared your data will get compromised, you might be behind.

You get the point. Software isn’t just a tool for your business anymore – software is eating the world and software is everywhere. Don’t fall behind.

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